Compile Heart Announces Desert-Themed PS4 RPG “Arc of Alchemist”

This is Niche Imports. In this column, we regularly cover games that haven’t been announced for western audiences yet. Please leave feedback and let us know if there’s something you want us to cover! Compile Heart has announced (also via Famitsu) their next project, Arc of Alchemist. The new PS4 game is described […]

Table Online Games – The Best & Most Severe Games To Play At An Online Casino

Games To Play At Online Casino

Rummy 13 cards online game has become immensely a popular online game attracting millions of players daily because it demands strategy plus mental skills. This rummy game is usually played simply by 2-6 players with a solitary deck of cards not including the jokers (wild cards). However , if there […]

Battlefield 5 Grand Operations mode will take some extra time after launch to arrive

Battlefield 5 has big ambitions to change up the 16-year-old shooter series, and its new Grand Operations mode might be the most daring of all. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play it right when the game arrives. Electronic Arts and DICE revealed that Grand Operations will go live “shortly […]